Tuesday, September 7, 2010

in the beginning.

First (real, actual effort put in) post! so, hi!
My name is Sophie, and i'm from the Adelaide Hills in South Australia. no specific location.. i seem to travel between houses, but thats another story for another time.
I'm currently not only between houses, but also between University courses.. changing from Communications to Visual Communication (Graphic Design). I love all things to do with fashion, food, design and photography (yet to get a decent camera though.. for now i'll stick with my boyfriend's SLR and my Diana Mini..)

I'm originally from chroniclesofbirds, which I, together with my best friend Hannah, used to (kind of) blog our way around Europe in 2009..

we have now decided to have separate blogs and you can find Han over at Thursdays Child!

so, for now.. this is the beginning..

ps. this design will improve. I promise :)
pps. photography done my my boyfriend Dan

Sophie xo!