Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Sorry about the very delayed post. But no excuses!
I finally got my digital SLR yesterday and have been testing everything out! I'm so excited! My boyfriend and I will now consider it our love child.
But, nothing unusual has been happening.
Uni -- naturally! Which is where I wore this today. I felt sailor-esque!

And apologies for the awful posed expression! We were running about half an hour late and this was literally all I had time for!
Anyway, this will short and sweet as I have 2000 words to write..!


Outfit details: 
T-shirt - Marc Jacobs
Shorts - Topshop
Cardi - Miss Shop


  1. owh you look so cute! glad to see youre wearing the shorts ;)

    its so wierd.. seeing a bed that I have sat on in someones post haha

    And youre hair looks positively lioness like.

    AND, whats this about a DSLR? YAY! i wont be the only one lugging around a huge lump of a camera! xxxx

  2. ha! only picture I took!

    I KNOW! so excited.. I got the Canon 550D :)
    it's amazing amazing amazing.